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Katelyn Wiard

A native of Frankfort Kentucky, Katelyn is no stranger to state government. Katelyn grew up attending political events and understanding government affairs. In 2016, Katelyn began her formal work in Government Relations to address a myriad of client interests, from agricultural lending to a successful effort to ban child marriage. In this capacity, Katelyn also spent much of her time learning the integral role that government relations plays in the day to day business of all industries.


  • Katelyn serves as the Director of Operations for the U.S. Hemp Roundtable whose mission is to advocate for hemp in all 50 states, finalize FDA’s pathway for the retail sale of CBD, ensure access for hemp farmers and CBD companies to banking and merchant services, and shape USDA final regulations for hemp farming.

  • In 2019, Katelyn was appointed by Governor Andy Beshear to serve on the 2019 Gubernatorial Transition Team for Agriculture Policy.

  • Katelyn is well-versed in the art of managing large, diverse teams to accomplish a single, mutually beneficial goal.



  • As a national recognized advocate for the emerging hemp and CBD industry, Katelyn serves as a point of contact for much of the hemp industry, with connections to various hemp groups across the country.

  • Serves on the Sullivan University Advisory Board, Hemp Subject Expert

  • Appeared as a panelist on Kentucky Education Televisions statewide public affairs program, “Kentucky Tonight”

  • Currently seeking her professional MBA student through the University of Kentucky’s Professional MBA Program

  • Volunteers for the Carnegie Center for Literacy & Learning in Lexington, KY.

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