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Education Industry


Shaping results for tomorrow’s leaders

Education reform is essential for our future success as a country. Our team is highly experienced in representing private and public providers with the strategic tools to drive reform through executive and legislative support. With uncompromising integrity, we design messages to inform, persuade and engage while maximizing results for our clients.


Because public policy has such an impact on education funding, receiving true strategic guidance has never been more important for schools, universities and other nonprofits. Universities and other public and nonprofit agencies – including charitable organizations exempt from federal income taxation under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3) – almost always utilize some form of municipal bond debt in financing their projects and operations, so this new restrictive rule comes into play with a majority of non-legal advice given to that group as well. CivicPoint is here to provide clients with holistic counsel, all in accordance with recent SEC rulings.

Energy Industry


Generating influence for energy clients

As a growing world population drives demand for natural resources, the need for lobbying support in coal, natural gas and alternative energy has never been greater.

CivicPoint has deep state and federal expertise in energy and environmental policy — from building strength and support through coalitions to fostering open dialogue with regulators and decision-makers. With diverse experience in getting results for energy clients, we have successfully developed a legal framework for carbon capture and sequestration, promoted nuclear power development in Kentucky, and implemented Kentucky’s bonding program for coal mining reclamation.

Our team is made up of former senior officials in the Kentucky Energy & Environment Cabinet, the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, and the U.S. Department of Energy who excel in creating the right messaging, mobilizing support and garnering influence to align public policy outcomes with organizational goals.

Information Technology Industry

Information Technology

Results for a data-driven world

As technology evolves, so does the need for swift and strategic guidance. The proliferation of social media and the importance of data security are placing IT firms and government procurement departments on the political front lines. We have deep understanding and depth of experience in effectively navigating through the red tape associated with procuring IT services and sharing sensitive data across state lines.


Our team is skilled in obtaining and investing political capital, which helps our clients lead — not follow — public policy. Whether it’s drafting legislation or lobbying to change existing law, our highly responsive team knows how to reach decision-makers quickly when a need arises for our clients.

Local Government Industry

Local Government

Enhancing outcomes for local government

Today, as governments balance shrinking budgets with modernizing infrastructure and other priorities, tensions will continue to increase between local policymakers and state lawmakers. Local townships and other government entities need a bipartisan ally with a broad range of expertise in state and local laws.

From procuring a common unemployment insurance benefits system for multiple states to easing taxpayer burden on publicly financed arenas, our team includes lobbyists representing local government before state legislatures and executive branch agencies in Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio and beyond.

As a registered municipal advisory firm, CivicPoint also provides wise strategic counsel in accordance with recent SEC regulations regarding legal advice for nonprofits and public agencies.

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