Keith D. Johnson


“After working inside government at the state, municipal, and township levels, it’s a privilege to represent our clients at the Statehouse. States are truly the laboratories of democracy, and the Indiana General Assembly can move quickly. It’s exciting to be a part of the process when good public policy is advanced.”   


Prior to becoming a lobbyist, Keith was deputy chief of staff and city controller for the city of Lawrence, Indiana. He was a senior adviser to the mayor for communications, finance, economic development, capital projects, and zoning. As spokesperson for the city, Keith was quoted for stories in print and appeared on local television newscasts. Keith staffed the Lawrence Redevelopment Commission and worked closely with the Fort Harrison Reuse Authority on development projects. Before working for the city of Lawrence, Keith led a team of four employees in the administration of emergency relief programs as deputy trustee for the Lawrence Township Trustee in Indianapolis. Through new community partnerships, a better intake process, and clearer guidelines, the office increased the number of aid recipients and decreased its denial rate.

Keith began his time in local government as Indiana’s property tax caps first took effect. Much of his focus was on finding budget solutions that included: the merger of the Lawrence Township Fire Department with the Indianapolis Fire Department, contracting for sanitation services in Lawrence, long-term cell tower leases, updating purchasing and insurance policies, and department reorganizations. These efforts led Standard & Poor's to upgrade the city of Lawrence’s credit rating.

Recently, Keith has:

  • Assisted the city of Gary with legislation to address vacant properties.

  • Worked to advance legislation creating more liquor licenses for Indianapolis’ growing northern suburbs.

  • Collaborated with advocates on legislation to allow Indianapolis and the surrounding townships to improve transportation services with income tax revenue.

  • Helped a client secure first-time state funding. 



  • Chair, Marion County Election Board

  • Former Association Manager, Indiana Licensed Beverage Association

  • Former Deputy Chief of Staff and City Controller, City of Lawrence, Indiana

  • Former Deputy Trustee, Lawrence Township, Marion County

  • Former Grants Manager, The Arc of Indiana

  • Former Deputy Press Secretary, Hoosiers for Jill Long Thompson

  • Past Vice President, Indiana Young Democrats

  • Former Member, Indiana Democratic State Central Committee

  • Former Communications Coordinator, Noble of Indiana

  • Former Office Assistant, California State Senator Joe Simitian  

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